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About Danielle

Hi there! I’m Danielle! The “Ash” in DanAsh comes from my middle name: Ashley. I'm a Social Media Manager with a proven history of success across various industries, including sports, music, tech, education, and veterinary medicine. I bring a range of skills to the table, including social media strategy, influencer marketing, copywriting, photography, and media management. When I'm not working, I'm probably at a Kpop concert, trading photocards, walking my Shiba Inu, or riding horses.

Experience & Education

2016 - 2023

Freelance Social Media Editor

Churchill Downs & the Kentucky Derby

Managed Churchill Downs and Kentucky Derby social media platforms for live racing events with a combined following of 300k+ across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Collaborated on high-profile events, crafting digital copy for multi-platforms, ideation, content creation, and engaging with real-time audiences on @KentuckyDerby and @ChurchillDowns. Hosted annual Facebook Live session with 150k+ viewers.

2019 - 2021

Social Media Specialist

Crosley Radio

I launched #CrosleyAtHome for music lovers during COVID-19, resulting in 50k monthly viewers. Led a successful digital strategy with 60% follower growth on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Managed daily interactions, designed top-performing IG posts, and collaborated with influencers, brands, and record labels for promotions and product launches.

2018 - 2019

Digital Media Manager

Jefferson Animal Hospital

Coordinated social media strategy, grew hospital's audience by 300% in a year, fostered community engagement on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Wrote informative articles and launched a successful re-brand, including Employee Newsletter and On-Boarding Materials.


University of Louisville,

Bachelor's of Art, Communication

what i can do

Skills & Proficiencies


Digital Strategy

Content Creation

Social Media Management

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My human has Google Analytics and Hubspot Digital Marketing Certifications!

Sample Work

Kentucky Derby & Churchill Downs

I managed multiple social media channels and created content and copy tailored for each audience.

Crosley Radio

Executed successful digital strategy across multi-platforms that led to record-high direct to consumer sales for 2020.

Jefferson Animal Hospital

Co-lead digital and print strategies, led website redesign, and planned events for hospital patrons and their pets.

Sample Work: The Kentucky Derby

Sample Work: Churchill Downs

Sample Work: Crosley Brands

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Volunteer Work



  • Created the @KPOPKentucky Instagram page and grew the following by 600% within the first month with organic reach.
  • Promote K-Pop-related events in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee.
  • Work with a small team to manage the Facebook group community.
  • Assist with planning of cupsleeve and photocard trading events at local cafes.
  • Partner with local concert promoters to offer FB Group members and followers special concert ticket giveaways.
  • Create graphics and videos for all social media platforms.


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august 6th, 12-4pm

Dalat's Gateaux and Cafe

dalat’s gateux

& Cafe

December 3rd


dalat’s gateux

& Cafe

December 3rd


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hosted by Molly, Sabrina, & Kallisto

Design by Dani @ kpop kentucky

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